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To vote, click the link and enter the amount you want to donate, along with the names of the staff members you want to contribute towards, and hit submit. Then, wait to see who wins. You can vote and donate as much and as many times as you want. Good luck!
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Mr. Pirner
Dr. Guidry 
Mr. Panton 
Ms. Giles 
Ms. Collins

In case you haven't heard! On Friday, February 16th, 2024, at 7:00 pm, students from CHS, Team New Fights/Same Champs, will host Reggie Rice’s
Award-winning family-friendly show “FOOL OF ILLUSIONS” as a Fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Student Visionaries of the Year (SVOY) program!

This Fundraiser is more than a one-night event; it's a chance to maximize our students' success with Piggyback Fundraisers. One of them is STUDENTS REVENGE, and we need your help!

We're looking for brave souls to join the fun. As part of the "piggyback fundraiser," the lucky winner or volunteered participant will have the honor of joining Reggie on stage for a mind-blowing visual illusion – a highlight of the show.

  • Process:  Students vote by donating money Below

  • Outcome: Chosen teacher/staff member gets to perform an on-stage trick with Reggie Rice – disappearing act, head in a guillotine, or getting cut in half

  • Safety: All acts are safe and entertaining!

  • Unless it goes wrong again. Just kidding. Trust us, it's all in good fun for the students!*

  • Winner Announcement*

  • Reveal: - "Winner" disclosed on the show day

  • Rewards - Prizes: Mystery prize for both winner/ loser

  • Impact: - Funds generated contribute to the Team New Fights/Same Champs profits

Thank you for your valuable contribution and participation in this important cause.
We couldn't do it without your help! Let's make this fundraiser magical and memorable!


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